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Can dogs use perfume
Dec 01, 2016

Some parents believe that it is best not to spray pet perfume, because the perfume contains more chemicals and alcohol, the fur of the dog's health is not good. In addition, the dog's sense of smell is very sensitive, if it is sprayed with some strong perfume, which may affect its sense of smell, to stimulate its sense of smell. If you want to keep the dog body fragrance. And do not want to use perfume, then it can be timely to give it clean, you can choose some of the more appropriate and more fragrant pet shampoo.

Some parents believe that with the progress of society, people have a dedicated perfume, in fact, dogs have a dedicated perfume. Life, you can also buy some special pet perfume, the right amount to spray some of the dog is also possible. There is also a pet oil, painted dog hair on the fragrance can last for several days it can also protect hair.

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