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Home dog hair fly how to do
Dec 01, 2016

1. Give your pet a regular shower. Small animal hair removal phenomenon, sometimes not only in the seasonal warming or cooling occurs. If they are used in bathing scouring inappropriate, the same will produce hair loss, hair loss phenomenon, even more serious than the natural fall off. So, if you do not want to flock in your home, or if your little ones have skin problems, be sure to use a special pet bath to give them a bath.

2. To buy a pet for the brush, combing their hair once or twice a day, so that naturally fall off the hair are concentrated in the brush on a one-time deal with, rather than let them hair tangled room after running around, so The plush will not be spread in the furniture gap and the air.

3. Note that the baby's diet, do not give them something to eat salty, salt is too high is one of the important factors of hair loss.

4. Usually do not let them often in a mood of excitement, tension or fear, so that they can reduce the possibility of hair loss, but also to small animals, a quiet environment is also the owner should have the responsibility.

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