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How to do pet products industry leader?
Dec 01, 2016

1, the brand benefits

At this stage can be said that all kinds of pet products that are Ling Lang everywhere, with a very different type of product prices, consumers seem to brand this view seems to occupy the position is not prominent, more casually find some Drugs or supplies to meet. In this case, we have to go in front of time, when the commodity economy to a certain stage, the concept of the brand naturally formed. For example, "Dog Island" products, after 12 years of exploration and growth. Island brand has been in the pet market to establish a better reputation, regardless of price or efficacy, have been the praise and support of consumers. So the formation of a good brand is the future in the pet supplies industry occupies a place of the most effective way.

2, product competition

It is not difficult to see the market, foreign pet supplies accounted for half of the country, mainly the efficacy of their products, bringing consumer confidence. Of course, foreign pet industry development results and experience at this stage we can not match, whether history or pet culture and so on. May be the formation of the concept of the vast number of consumers, foreign products better than the domestic, do not misunderstand is not xenophilia, more of a product of trust. In determining their own products above have to seriously consider, consider the market demand and so on.

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