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How to give a dog a bath
Dec 01, 2016

1, change clothes to wash clothes Dogs love to throw water in the bath, because the rejection of water can let them remove the body of water, but also can feel the fun of the game.

But this can let the dog parents distressed, the dogs get rid of a large part of the water flew to help them take a shower of parents. Therefore, in the dog before the bath, the dog is best for parents to go for a dress it. 2, to prepare small pieces of dry towels to help the dog in the bath when it is often very easy to splash the water into the dog's eyes, make it feel uncomfortable. When you wash the dog's head, the dog will head buried down, let the water flow from the tip of the nose, and not flow into the nostrils.

Prepare a small piece of dry towel, the eyes and nose of the water in time to wipe, the dog will be very happy. 3, to prepare pet shower gel If the dog is not like the character of the bath, parents can take a bottle of the first to dilute the bath, and then the dog's hair is dry, spilled the diluted bath to the dog Body and rub out the foam.

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