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Pet economy in recent years, the rapid rise
Dec 01, 2016

In recent years, pets have become a fashion. As of the end of 2012, raising 33 million Chinese families covered by pets. Pet into more and more families, the "pet economy" also will heat up. Data show that "pet economy" with an annual output value of 300 to 40 billion yuan. With the rapid expansion of the pet market, the division of labor began to refine, pet food, pet hospitals, pet sites ... ... and so labeled "pet" label of the new industry came into being, and each industry practitioners show blasting situation.

Pet into a "star" rapid expansion of the pet industry market

Pet industry is the tourism industry, education industry, sports industry, after another new industry. From the end of the last century, the concept of pet quietly rising in China, has experienced more than a decade of popularity, gradually aroused widespread concern and attention from all sectors of society. Pet from the original "home care homes" function into a "spiritual care" of the pursuit of high-level spirit.

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