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Pets must have the three conditions
Dec 01, 2016

Pets as the most popular family members of modern family life, was widely pursued. In the process of getting along with the pet, and gradually found that pets bring unlimited benefits to mankind. The pace of modern life fast, the younger generation of pressure, no time to accompany their children, the elderly family also appears lonely and helpless. "Ding", "Dink", "empty nest family" have worldly, from the side of the modern society reflects the cycle, it is undeniable that pets in this environment to bring the benefits of mankind. Can meet the "DINK" parents love "child" of the heart; can alleviate the young people in complex social emotions; to some extent, replaced the children as parents, "filial piety" to fulfill their children's love; ", Ease the loneliness of the elderly. But we can not blindly keep pets, because of their own needs and regardless of pet emotions.

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