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Precautions for Summer Dog Swimming
Dec 01, 2016

In general, each dog has a swimming talent, but due to individual differences, some swimmer, and some can only thump a few. Dear parents, do not underestimate the swimming Oh, this is actually a psychological needs of dogs, each dog wants to play in the master accompanied by water, the owner can arrange the swimming frequency of the dog's physical condition, a week Go one or two times is very helpful.

Dogs are inseparable with people, as long as the patience, enough to be careful, they can learn to swim. Some varieties of dog water is also particularly good, such as Labrador, with it to one or two it will be addictive. However, some dogs have had psychological shadow, more fear of water, so the owner will pay special attention to distinguish their own dog is hi water or afraid of the water, the dog really learn to swim in order to put it free activities , But the owner is still the whole care, to prevent accidents.

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