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Talking about Skin Disease of Kitten
Dec 01, 2016

1. flea allergic dermatitis: As the name suggests, is made after a flea bite, the wound appeared small red pimples, itching and scratching because after the cat, had wound, the wound will sometimes merge fungal, bacterial infection, lesions spread more more Big.

2. Scabies disease: This is a scabies worms, began to parasitic in the ears, and then attack the head, and then the body, the insects in the dander to eat animal tissue, it will cause intense itching, so when you find young Cats constantly scratching the ear, shaking his head, we should pay attention to, or even have crusts, ulcers, pustules, etc., please do not continue to "observe", and quickly sent to hospital for treatment!

3. Cash ringworm: one year old cat is susceptible to money ringworm, which is a special mold, the typical symptom is hair removal area showed irregular circular, mixed with scaly spots and scarring, and sometimes mixed with allergic pimples , This money ringworm due to strong infection, human and animal common, once found, we must quickly treatment control.

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