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The Ministry of Agriculture will standardize the standard dog market
Dec 01, 2016

Careful identification of the contradiction between managers and managers, many of which are due to regulatory requirements in the "one size fits all" standard triggered, at present, almost all cities, are in accordance with the dog's body to distinguish can not raise. For example, the media combed, golden hair, Samoyed, Labrador and other large cities in the forbidden dogs, wounding probability is 1 star, but the body qualified, and is usually considered petite cute Beijing, the probability of injury For the 4 stars, the same with the Chow, second only to the Tibetan Mastiff.

In the private sector, there are dog people to stop the police to beat the dog, some people forced the police to beat the dog; in fact, the dog's problem behind the refraction is the contradiction between people. For example, the conflict between dog-lovers and non-dog-lovers is partly caused by irresponsible owners: dogs are not tied to dogs during dog walking and dogs are excreted.

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