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A Horse Is A Necessary Item For Riding
Sep 29, 2017

The role of the horse in equestrian sport is self-evident, a set of excellent equipment not only give you more comprehensive protection, in appearance can also add color for you. Know the horse, first you need to understand its material.

Easy maintenance of horse tools

Synthetic leather and artificial leather are made from textile Budiki or nonwoven substrates, respectively, with polyurethane coating or foaming. Harness The feel and appearance resembles the dermis, but does not breathe, does not wear, especially in the low temperature condition easily breaks the impairment. Leather products are not afraid of the advantages of water, cleaning and maintenance simple, Harness washed quickly after the Ma Khan odor. Leather saddle suitable for rainy and humid areas and very sensitive to Ma Khan odor, in the North Cold area will shorten its service life, in addition leather-type saddle most of the low-grade products can not embody the noble identity of the owner, repair sewing difficulties, the use of short years. In the design and production of horses, Harness leather saddle skeleton are more casual and simple, to injection molding materials, this material is also not suitable for use in cold areas.

Horse with more comfort

Leather products are made of animal skins, the most common is cowhide sheepskin and pigskin, and other skin, ostrich skin, snake skin and crocodile skin. The dermis has its own unique natural pattern, soft and toughness, wear-resistant breathable, especially thick belt skin grinding more bright. Leather has its own unique flavor, Harness even after decades of use of the old saddle still have the value of collection and decoration. In the process of making the saddle only the dermis can be hand-carved and randomly dyed, a good saddle is a work of art, Harness in the equestrian activities to increase the feeling of nobility and pleasure, the use of a long time, can be accompanied by a lifetime and generations.

The thickness of the dermis varies with the animal species, and the most commonly used leather is the thickest, and the thickness can reach 4.5-5mm, complete cowhide tanning is called "Belt skin". Layered tanning is divided into "head layer" and "two layer (including three layers)". Because "head layer" and "two layer" of animal fiber arrangement is different, "the head layer" is the bright layer, the toughness is best, "two layer" skin's tensile force and the abrasion resistance are inferior to "the first layer" skin, the leather is more for the velvet surface effect, Harness the price also is disparity.

A horse is a necessary item for riding. Because the production process and technical requirements of the horse is higher, some even by hand-made, so the horse is very expensive. The most basic harness is the saddle and its attached girth, stirrups and Sule. Horses are of different kinds and are suitable for different purposes. Harness such as the western saddle in the structure to adapt to the hard life of the cowboy; the saddle wing of the dressage saddle is longer and vertically shaped; the saddle is smaller. ,. Because of their different uses, they vary in size and shape. A good horse must be suitable for horses and riders. Suitable for the desired purpose and must be protected. Keep clean. Unsuitable horse can make the horse feel uncomfortable. Harness Even cause local pain or injury. Therefore, in the purchase of the horse with professional guidance to ensure that saddle with horse body suitable.

The choice of the horse tool

The horse is necessary and the investment is larger. Horses are of different kinds, suitable for different rides and different horses. Here are just a few of the necessary horse tools for riding and training, depending on the specific purpose or the need to choose a horse for your horse. A good horse must be suitable for specific horses and riders, suitable for the desired purpose and kept clean and leather soft. Harness If the horse is unsuitable or the leather hardens, it is detrimental to the horse and rider, causing the horse to ache or injure. The most basic horse has saddle and accessory girth, stirrup leather, stirrup and Sule, etc.

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