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Belt Wear Is Very Important
Aug 18, 2017

The belt is a man's one of the triple gem, naturally there are many ways.

1. The meaning of the belt

To buy a belt, first understand why and buy a belt. If it is casual wear such as jeans, then fasten pants is the first essential, but also more or less decorative role (it is possible to come out of the belt may not be exposed).

If it is a business occasion in order to tighten the trousers so that the trousers do not fall, Leash then I suggest to get a full skin within 100 feet. Because pants with the right waist are the top standard for lower body wear. If your trousers are too loose and you want to wear them well, Leash then I suggest you spend one hundred or two hundred to change your trousers instead of the idea of a belt. If your belly is really too big to lift up, then I suggest you go to buy suspenders (about the recommendation of suspenders, after the article also mentioned).

Well, say someone to ask, the belt is not to tighten pants, that is for what ah. In fact, in the modern etiquette occasions, the belt has long become the same as the man watches jewelry, recognize this, to buy belts and wear belts is very important.

2. Belts on different occasions

In different occasions, different dress conditions, Leash since the purpose of different, natural belts also distinguish between different types

Leisure Belts

Most of the leisure belts are American Western wind and American tooling. Casual belts from the buckle classification, about three kinds of the following: 1. Pin Buckle: Japanese word buckle, octagonal buckle, samurai buckle, about the needle buckle technology, there are many said, stone washing, mirror, etc., Leash buy a top-notch hand buckle generally around 250, ordinary why 50 or so. The material has brass or copper or nickel-metal or stainless steel, the price is similar.

2. Buckle:

Mainly to the western wind, someone specialized collection of this old belt buckle style, quality, material, price is different.

About the leather part of the belt, this kind of leisure belt mainly looks at the cortex and the seal edge, basically does not have the suture, or the fixed belt buckle has several stitches. The leather of the leisure belt is usually the old cowhide, the cortex, the most important is the density, Leash is you bend a bend your belt to see whether the folds are obviously like cracked. If not, if there is, the density is too low, the cortex is poor. The edge of the seal is more complicated. Business Casual belts Business Leisure belt buckle More, mostly go local route, can have crocodiles, lizards, ostrich skin, etc., can also have a brush color skin, Leash can also be used to replace the belt. This kind of occasion to match the request is higher, the skin's texture and the color all must match with the whole body clothing. The simplest is the same color as the shoes. Leash The following is probably one of the typical representatives.

Normal Belt

A belt that is fitted with a suit sleeve. General requirements are needle buckle, calf skin plus tree paste core, there are stitches, there are edge, the color is dark brown or black, and leather shoes the same as the best, different can also.

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