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Cat Bath Shampoo Must Be Washed Clean
Dec 01, 2016

Water wet when the cat should be controlled at 40 degrees Celsius. When it into the water, the hand gently sprinkle the water on the body, the skin wet after the use of dog and cat special shampoo scrub the fur. First wash the bust and dirty places, such as limbs, tail bottom, around the anus, lower abdomen, and finally wash the head and ears.

Shampoo with water will rinse, or easily lead to skin diseases. After washing with a dry towel to dry the hair. If you use a hair dryer, pay attention to the distance and location of the hair, so as not to blow their fur. You can blow it while combing, so that the hair will not form a ball. In the wash head, let the cat Mimi nose up, clenched, to prevent the shampoo into the eye.

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