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Cleaning Techniques For Horse Tools
Sep 20, 2017

A horse is a necessary item for riding. Because the production process and technical requirements of the horse is higher, some even by hand-made, so the horse is very expensive. The most basic horse is the horse with its attached girth, stirrups and Sule. Horses are of different kinds and are suitable for different purposes. For example, the Western horse can be constructed to adapt to the hard life of a cowboy; Harness the saddle wing of a dressage saddle is longer and vertically shaped; ,. Because of their different uses, they vary in size and shape. A good horse must be suitable for horses and riders. Suitable for the desired purpose and must be protected. Keep clean. Unsuitable horse can make the horse feel uncomfortable. Even cause local pain or injury. Therefore, Harness in the purchase of the horse with professional guidance to ensure that saddle with horse body suitable.

The choice of the horse tool

The horse is necessary and the investment is larger. Horses are of different kinds, suitable for different rides and different horses. Here are just a few of the necessary horse tools for riding and training, depending on the specific purpose or the need to choose a horse for your horse. Harness A good horse must be suitable for specific horses and riders, suitable for the desired purpose and kept clean and leather soft. Harness If the horse is unsuitable or the leather hardens, it is detrimental to the horse and rider, causing the horse to ache or injure. The most basic horse has a horse and attached girth, stirrup leather, stirrups and Sule.

Metal Products: mainly street iron and stirrup, should choose the quality is better. Stainless steel is the best, electroplating is not very good, because the surface plating layer is easy to fall off, Harness select the armature can be measured by the length of the armature, that is, the width between the two rings, choose suitable for your horse's armature.

Leather Products: Good horses are made of the finest leather and therefore very expensive. Harness But you can buy hand, if buy hand, should pay attention to suture needle without cracking, leather is soft but not dry hard; There are many cheaper horses in the market, Harness but the quality is not good, it is dangerous to apply.

The size and width of the saddle rack is the base of the horse, the width and size of the saddle determines the width and size of the horse. The size of the horse is measured by the length of the front saddle bridge to the rear saddle bridge (saddle rear bow), the standard size is 38-45.7 cm. Harness The lower and backward side of the front saddle bridge is the length of the center point of the metal rivet to the back Saddle Bridge measuring the front saddle bridge.

The width of the horse is generally 3 kinds, namely narrow, medium wide and wide. Harness The width of the saddle must match the width of the horse. When according to your needs choose a horse with a length and width suitable for your horseback.

The influence of the horse on the rider

The size of the horse is also suitable for riders, too big or too small riders will feel uncomfortable. The size of the saddle can make the ride in nature, sitting in the middle of the saddle, the saddle cannot tilt forward or backward, and if the rider leans backward, the calf will stretch forward and sit in the back of the saddle, Harness and if you tilt forward, the rider will sit in front of the press and the legs should be forked back. If the saddle is tilted to one side (due to uneven saddle thick), the rider is seated.

Horses are very expensive, in the use of the process should be very good custody and maintenance, so as to prolong their service life. Harness It can easily be damaged if it is stacked casually on the ground. Take care of your horse.

Inspection and repair of horse tools

Horses in the use of the process should be constantly inspected, Harness pay attention to every small problem, especially to check the following aspects:

Suture stitching lines are more susceptible to damage than leather, so it is important to check the leather suture line, especially the suture line on the water bridle, girth, and stirrup leather, such as to be repaired or replaced in time if there is an involute or disconnection.

Armature: If the surface is not smooth or wear, if necessary, should be replaced.

Horse with inspection girth friction and saddle mattress wear feeling good wishes, if the saddle pad filler on both sides uneven or uneven, should be treated or replaced in a timely manner, otherwise, Harness the horse under different pressure, long will cause local pain or saddle injury. For the long use of the horse or horse with a high fall on the ground, to check the saddle shelf is broken.

Leather Leather If the long-term does not rub oil will dry fracture. For regular use of the horse, oil should be regularly oiled to keep the leather soft. For long-term use of the horse, Harness should be coated with oil moistureproof, prevent drying.

Cleaning and curing of horse tools

The horse's cleaning will be placed on the landing saddle, not on the back of the chair or on other pointed objects, or the sink. Remove girth and buckle protective leather, stirrup leather and stirrup. Clean the towel soaked with warm water to wipe all dirt and grease, soaked towel do not too wet, to dry, Harness in case water into the leather. If the deposition in the leather dirty grease and dirt is difficult to remove, can be easily removed finger armor, must not be a sharp object scraping. Leather cannot be cleaned with ordinary soap, Harness detergent or very hot water. After cleaning to use towel repeatedly dry water, must not put the horse in the stove or electric stove next to dry, otherwise the leather will harden and no luster. After that, use leather soap to clean, need to apply a little leather oil.

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