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Color Diversity Of Belts
Aug 29, 2017

A belt that refers to a leather belt. At present, the international community to promote environmental protection, so the most popular Pu belt, leather belt market more and less. China is the world's largest exporter of belts. Belts exported to the EU and the United States must meet stringent environmental and non-toxic standards. Leash The current popular leather belt is gradually wider and longer style, and a wide, narrow, wide area can reach 12 centimeters, there are shiny metal New Zealand decoration, color diversification, such as red, Blue, Wei Zi, yellow, milky white and so on.

1. Belts are belts, decorations, a trend, a fashion, the contemporary fashion is called Cool belt, that is a cool belt.

2. Another use of the belt is in the watch industry. In addition to the steel belt, the ceramic strap, the watch also has an important part is the belt. Leash Belts are generally used in leisure and leisure watches, Leash according to the material divided into leather strap and artificial belt.

Length Selection

The length of the men's belts is generally between 110cm and 130cm, in general, different waist sizes should be different to choose the length of the belt, that is to say, the size of the belt to choose the size of the waist to choose the appropriate size. According to the size of the waist and the length of the belt, Leash the comparison is as follows: 2.4 feet waist Choice 105cm belt, 2.4-2.6 feet waist Choice 110cm belt, 2.6-2.8 feet waist Choice 115cm belt, 2.8-3.0 foot waist Choice 120cm Belt, 3.0-3.2 foot waist choice 125cm belt, 3.2-3.5 foot waist Choice 130cm belt.

According to the waist can be purchased to fit the size of the belt, and corresponding to the appropriate trousers model can also grasp the size of the belt. According to the pants number, Leash the trousers under 30th, choose 105cm Belt, 30 to 33rd pants Choose 110cm Belts, 33 to 35th trousers Choose 115cm Belts, 35 to 37th trousers Choose 120cm Belts, 37 to 39th trousers Choose 125cm Belts, 39 to 41st trousers Select 130cm belts.

The belt can have two kinds of classification, one is the belt which is fitted, the style of the belt is mostly pin buckle type, the buckle head does not have the tedious decorative pattern. Leash The color is black, brown mainly, the material is cowhide and so on leather commonly. The main collocation form is suit, the belt general width is 3 centimeters. The second is the Leisure class belt, Leash the style mainly has the automatic buckle and the smooth buckle and so on, the modelling comparison fashionable needle buckle class belt also belongs to the leisure class. Leisure belts in the material is very wide, in addition to cowhide, there are a variety of leather and canvas and so on.

The belt's nursing is also an important link, the belt actually belongs to one kind of consumables, uses the time long to naturally have the attrition. Leather material is characterized by strong absorption, Leash so we should pay attention to anti-fouling, abrasive leather belt especially attention. Gently wipe the belt with a damp towel. If there is a stain on the leather, with a clean wet sponge, dip the warm nature of the detergent to wipe, and then let its natural air-dry.

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