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How To Choose Dog Shampoo
Dec 01, 2016

To dog dogs with a special shower gel is a cliché problem, because the dog's skin ph value and different human beings, it can not use a shower gel or shampoo to give the dog a bath. Then the face of the Lang Lang everywhere dog shower gel, the owner should be how to choose?

Bath lotion is a mixed-type lotion is more common, according to the nature of the body hair and the use of shower gel. Hair soft fine dogs to use the neutral shower gel is better, coarse hair, dry with oil shower gel, add the plant olive oil or animal fat number two, after use to observe the results and then determine the choice of What is better. Use an oily shower gel in the winter dry season and a non-oily shower gel in the wet rainy season.

There are many brands are based on the classification of the dog's coat, the owner can according to their own dog is the color of the dog with a selection of shower gel.

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