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Making Materials For Belts
Jul 14, 2017

Belt Small Knowledge

Whether for men or women, belts are the most important clothing accessories and decorations One, a suitable belt, can Chao Xian my taste and fashion.

I. Classification of BELTS

1, according to its use of the crowd divided: can be divided into men, women, neutral, children's belts and so on.

2, according to its use of material division: can be divided into leather belt (the first layer of cattle belt, two-layer cowhide belt), Pu belt, Cotton Belt, metal belt and so on.

3, according to the type of the buckle head can be divided: needle buckle belt, buckle belt, Leash automatic buckle belt, clip buckle belt and so on.

4, according to its use function and characteristics can be divided into: gentleman Belt, leisure belt, cowboy belt, woven belts and so on.

5, according to the belt width can be divided into: 2.5CM, 3.0CM, 3.5CM, 4.0CM, 4.5CM and so on.

6, according to the belt type can be divided: flat belt, feather edge belt, car line belt, Leash no car line and so on (see the second).

II. Belt Strip type

1, according to the appearance of the belt can be divided into: flat belt, feather edge Belt

2, according to the combination of buckle head and strip: Can be divided into Baotou, folding head, hand sewing, and so on.

3, according to the number of cars: can be divided into single line, two lines, no car line, multi-line and so on, each line can be line color (color line, color line, etc.) and the thickness of more division.

Third, the belt commonly used material

1, the first layer of skin:

Firm, natural taste is its main feature, Leash but the price is more expensive. Cowhide is the most ideal material for a top-level belt, whether from the tensor or the size. Sometimes, the head layer Pigskin can be used as the back-end material of belt, but because of its limit, the effect is limited.

2, two layers of skin:

If a skin is split into the upper and lower parts, the top layer is covered with two layers of skin below. Belong to the dermis, but whether from the firmness or from the leather's own flavor, Leash is far inferior to the first layer of skin, but the price is relatively cheap.

3, two-layer lang skin:

Cover a layer of artificial leather on two layers of skin, commonly referred to as two layers of skin or skin graft. Due to the variety of artificial leather, it is decided to have a variety of styles, but its firmness is poor, far lower than the first layer of skin, also less than two layers of skin. Two-layer Lang skin in some countries called the dermis, some called PU, in our market on the belt of the general materials are two layers of skin, Leash the domestic general also known as genuine leather.

4, PU or PVC (artificial leather):

A variety of styles, prices are relatively cheap, some good imitation leather, in many functions can be compared with the first layer of leather. In the international, the artificial leather material is also more and more popular.

5, Recycled skin:

Recycled leather is mainly made from a variety of leather waste. Generally used as a belt sandwich, a small part of the better quality of fabrics, especially the processing of woven belts.

6, Metal:

Generally used to make various kinds of buckle. The buckle is a very important part on the belt.

7, Cotton Belt:

Now often use cotton belt (or nylon belt, polyester belt) to make some leisure belts.

8. Other:

A variety of other materials can also be used to make belts, such as the production of high-grade leather belt alligator, rudder bird skin, kangaroo skin, snake skin and so on, as for the fashion women's leather belt, but also a variety of materials.

General requirements and packaging of belts

1, if the guest does not make special request to the product, generally think:

A: If the Belt line, the car color line, conventional weight, Leash conventional car method and normal spacing.

B: The belt is 5 holes, the distance of each hole is 1 "(2.5CM), the middle hole is 6" (15CM) from the tail end.

C: The belt tail hole type will be according to the buckle pin to decide, the tail hole size (and the belt needle size) according to the belt width to decide.

D: Belt conventional thickness: flat: About 3.6-3.9MM, Feather Edge: about 4.2MM

E: The belt side oil edge color general and with the fabric color matching.

F: such as belt with Baotou, Baotou whether the car line, or car line situation can be determined by strip.

G: The belt generally needs to be printed on the back, the printed word content is generally material, size, logo, origin and so on.

H: We only provide very simple packaging accessories, such as simple hooks, protect the plastic bag of buckle head, made in China self-adhesive, protect the whole belt of long transparent plastic bag, protect the whole volume or bundle of square transparent plastic bag, simple white inside box and standard export packing outer box, other accessories need guest to offer or entrust us to order.

I: Belt waist size is from the length of the buckle to the middle end of the belt Shan distance (excluding the length of the buckle), Leash the length of the belt from the length of the buckle to the end length of the tail (including the length of the head).

J: The belt generally is the mixed code length, one hits each size collocation is: 32:36:40:44 = 2:4:4:2

K: Belt bottom material and fabric color matching.

2, if customers do not make special requirements, general general simple packaging:

0 or 12 belt monochrome single code or proportional mixed code into a plastic bag, then into an inner box or a few plastic bags into an inner box, 100 or 120 or 144 into an outer box.

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