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Masters Need To Know The Cat Beauty Errors
Dec 01, 2016

First, wash the water temperature of the cat to reach out and feel a bit hot

If this is the case, the cats into the water does not jump immediately jumped a half-day high-profile strange! I also believe that the initial time, it makes sense ah! Cat's body temperature is higher than the people ah! But the actual practice is down Found the water temperature to the staff feel a bit hot, the cat will be crazy ... ... the water temperature or not too high, subject to the cat comfort it!

Second, wash the cat to go to oil, every time so

If a parent every time to wash the cat must first use the oil to a strong shampoo to the cat to the oil, then it will not be long before you will find the cat's skin becomes more prone to oil! Why? Because Power to the oil shampoo are mostly alkaline, each time so use will take away the normal secretion of cat skin oil, these oils for hair root and skin are protective. Each bath have removed the natural protective layer, as the skin naturally secrete oil, would not be counterproductive?

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