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Material Characteristics Of Harness
Jun 19, 2017

General riding enthusiasts on the nylon saddle and plastic boots have a more clear understanding of the washing method of washing, the use of the process not to be scratched by hard objects, do not close to high temperature objects, such as placed on the car engine cover or stove next to, but The identification of leather products and maintenance is more vague. Leather and leather are different products, use and maintenance are also very different.

Teach you to identify different materials of the harness

Synthetic leather and artificial leather is made of textile base or non-woven base, were made with polyurethane coating or foam. Feel and appearance resembles leather, but not breathable, not wear, especially in low temperature conditions easy to break damage. Leather products, the advantages of not afraid of water, Harness cleaning and maintenance is simple, washed quickly remove the smell of Ma Khan. Leather saddle for rain and wet areas and people who are very sensitive to the smell of Ma Khan in the northern cold region will shorten its life, and the other leather kneel most of the low-end products can not reflect the owner's noble identity, repair sewing difficulties, short. In the design and production of the harness, the leather saddle skeleton is relatively casual and simple, Harness mainly to injection molding materials, this material is also not suitable for use in cold areas.

Genuine leather products are made from animal skin, the most common is the cowhide sheepskin and pig skin, there are other skin, ostrich skin, snake skin and crocodile skin and so on. The leather has its own unique natural pattern, soft and tough, wearable breathable, especially thicker leather skin more beautiful. The leather has its own unique leather charm, even after decades of old saddle still has a collection and decorative value. In the process of making saddles only leather can be hand carved and free to stain, a good saddle is a work of art, Harness in the riding activities to increase the noble and pleasant feeling, use a long time, can be accompanied by life and from generation to generation.

The thickness of the dermis varies depending on the type of animal, the most common leather leather in the thickest, the thickness can reach 4.5-5MM, complete leather tanning called "belt skin." Layered tanning "first layer" and "two layers (including three)". Because of the "first layer" and "two" animal fiber arrangement is different, "the first layer" is the bright layer, the best toughness, "two" skin pull and wear resistance are not as "the first layer" For the suede effect, the price is also very different.

Saddle and horse boots materials are mostly leather, leather is one of the most wear-resistant materials, leather surface aesthetics is the best. Soft and smooth sheepskin is the best, so the leather surface of the gloves for sheepskin. "Two-story" leather saddle horse boots with a few more focus on comfort and increased friction, such as polo saddle and western saddle sitting, but the care is more difficult. "First layer" of the skin as long as the oil can be old as new, "two" skin cleaning needs of alcohol and other special cleaning agent.

Cowhide skin and buffalo leather, buffalo leather pores slightly worse than the yellow leather, material characteristics are not much difference, so the saddle products do not indicate the use of brown leather or buffalo.

The first layer of skin due to the production process and animal skin quality level is different, the difference is also great. Harness The best of the first layer of skin called "grain dough", it is the least broken by the original raw leather processing, natural state integrity, thin coating, a very good permeability. On the disability of the original skin, in the leather process to the leather surface to a different degree of grinding to cover, called "repair dough skin", serious disability of the skin can also be painted after embossing embossed, and "full grain "The surface lines are the same. The second floor also has a noodles to deal with the imitation of the first layer of skin, Harness the production process is also very realistic, layman is difficult to distinguish, the price will be very different production costs are different for the producers to treat customers with conscience, And consumers do not blindly pursue the price, as the saying goes, "a penny, a sub-goods."

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