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Pet Bed Features
Jun 19, 2017

Today to introduce you to the four pet dog for the nest. The first is a pot-type leather mats, the use of leather, lambs and high-grade polyester cotton filler material; the second paragraph is a removable willow carpets, the use of willow, cotton and lambskin material; Fiber green pet bed, the use of bamboo fiber material; the last is environmentally friendly non-toxic egg nest, the use of high density

One, pot-type leather pad nest

【Material】 leather, lamb, high-grade polyester cotton filler.


1, this paragraph cooler material selection comfortable and soft, waterproof moisture, Pet Bed the appearance of all leather materials, not afraid of dirty, not afraid of water. Soft and comfortable.

2, filler for the high-grade polyester cotton, good flexibility, environmental non-toxic, snow white. Ordinary or poor polyester cotton is not flexible, gray, baby sleep for a long time, the body is not good, it will not inflate drum up, it can not effectively ensure the performance of the nest and other insulation.

3, because the dog who did not sweat glands, not sweating, Pet Bed so do not worry about the mattress will give pets what skin damage to the skin.

4, easy to clean. Material with a soft leather, easy to clean water, non-woven fabrics comparable, soft to the touch.

Removable willow nursery nest

【Material】 Willow, cotton, lambskin


1, willow rattan dog bed outside by the willow weaving, Pet Bed from the inside of the cotton sewing made. Contains a piece of conjoined lambskin seat, detachable separate cleaning.

2, the summer can take out the cotton pad, the dog sitting inside that is cool and breathable; winter dog sitting on the cotton pad that is comfortable and warm.

3, the product hand-woven, the use of absolutely environmentally friendly, non-toxic, durable and prepared from the weeds. Cleaning is also convenient, no special maintenance and maintenance, daily cleaning only need to use the brush to clean up the gap dust and then wipe with a clean wet wipe on it. This product should try to avoid sun exposure.

4, this product is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs or large cat.

Third, bamboo fiber green pet bed

【Material】 bamboo fiber


1. Health: bamboo elements in the antioxidant can effectively remove the body of free radicals, bamboo fiber contains a variety of essential amino acids. The following are the same as the "

2. UV: bamboo fiber UV penetration rate of six thousandths, anti-ultraviolet ability is 41.7 times the cotton, bamboo fiber without any free charge, anti-static, only itching. Pet Bed The following are the same as the "

3. Moisture moisture: in all the fiber, the absorption of bamboo fiber moisture and breathability is the best, by the experts as "breathing fiber", towels for a long time with wiping no smell.

4. Comfort: Dongnuanxialiang, can exclude the body of excess heat and moisture. The following are the same as the "

5. Environmental protection: the use of waste as garbage disposal, buried in the soil for some time can be automatically broken down.

Four, environmentally friendly non-toxic egg nest

【Material】 high density polyethylene


1, the appearance of light, stylish, beautiful, suitable for the living room, bedroom, walkway, balcony various places, a stylish home products.

2, in line with the dog to sleep habits, help pets get a better sleep to the pet to create a private living space.

3, non-toxic materials, high strength, easy to clean.

4, can effectively isolate most of the secondhand smoke, to the pet with a healthy rest place to live.

5, the product part of the light, Pet Bed can be light to create a hazy atmosphere.

6, the edge rounded handling, will not hurt the pet.

7, pet tear is not broken bite chaos, long life, suitable for small and medium-sized animals.

8, the internal can be used with a variety of cotton pad, ice pad, hot pad and other accessories, suitable for four seasons, especially when the pet marriage room. Easy to carry, you can bring dogs and nest travel together.

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