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Pet Clothes Can Dress Up Pets
Oct 17, 2017

Nowadays people walk in the streets and alleys, often can see some pet dog wearing assorted pet clothing, some in white vest, some wearing a foot cover, even in winter some dog owner gave The beloved pet dog wears a hat to prevent cold. It is understood that at present many pet shops have introduced the pet dog's fashionable new pet clothing, but these pet clothing's price also is the raspberry. Pet Clothing With With the prosperity of economy, people pay more and more attention to the spiritual world. Even if they have adapted to the closed urban life, we still have a lot of desire for nature in our hearts, while pets are Benevolence does not allow the Earth to stand up the bridge between man and nature. Pet clothing can dress up pets, please the host, to add color to life, Pet Clothing but also the way of human emotion sustenance.

The owner of a pet shop said he used to sell children's clothes. Although the price is high, but the cost is also high. The goods are not cheaper than adult clothes. High cost of products and materials Push up the cost of children's wear. And now do children's wear more and more people, Pet Clothing the market is more and more transparent, a children's clothes earn up to 20 yuan. And do pet clothing, the price basically catch children's clothes, and become But there is no children's clothes high, profit space is still very big. "A pet costume is basically half profit or even more." The pet store owner said. These seemingly simple "dog suits" are priced Worth a fortune, a set of thickened plush pet installed up to 120 yuan, Pet Clothing the cheapest clothes also reached the 35 yuan or so.

Pet clothing is roughly divided into fashion, leisure and lovely money. Fashion, such as the dog version of the "Camouflage", "black clothes", the dog is very cool and pull the wind. Leisure money is like "sportswear", "Clothing", the dog at home to wear, comfortable and convenient, and the cute version of the "Bunny", "Superman outfit", "police clothing" will be able to make the pet dog dressed cute and lovely. Pet Clothing Pet Clothing is also designed Tailored for pets, numbers from S yards to XXL yards, whether small Chihuahua, or large poodles can find a suit of their own.

So pet pet Clothing is just a leisure way for the owner to add fun to life? Let's see what the scientific effect is for the dog to dress.

(1) Keep warm. Pet clothing can play a role in keeping warm, which is the first reason for the rise of pet clothing, although animals have the body hair can regulate their own temperature, but the pet long-term and human health Living in the same air-conditioning environment, the ability to regulate their own body temperature weakened. In winter, Pet Clothing a puppy accustomed to a warm indoor life suddenly faces the cold outdoors and puts on clothes. Can play a very good warm effect. This is a common role for all pet clothing.

(2) Rain prevention. Under normal circumstances in rainy days, Pet Clothing the owner will not take the pet outside, but some people like to play with pets in the rain, experience a unique taste of life. Pets don't wear raincoats in the rain Play is easy to catch a cold, put on a pet raincoat can make its body hair not wet, prevent colds.

3) Health. Pets have the nature of hair removal, falling on the floor of the sofa is everywhere, will give pet owner's life brings great trouble and distress, pet clothing can solve this problem; Pet Clothing female pet Dog physiological period will be a drop of blood phenomenon, easy to make the master room dirty, pet dog physiological trousers can overcome this problem, this is a lot of owners for the pet dog to buy clothing one of the reasons 。

(4) Safety. Many people like to come out in the evening to walk the dog, pet dogs like to retreat, but at this time the light is not very good, coupled with the pet dog if training is not good, Pet Clothing it is easy to happen. Outdoor accidents, pet night clothes, can reduce the risk of occurrence; If the pet dog is lost and wears a night suit, it is easy for the owner to find.

(5) In addition to the four points mentioned above, pet clothing has some other special features. For example, pet dog pregnancy can be convenient for pet dog during pregnancy to smell and wear; Pet Clothing Pet dog sunscreen can More conducive to pet dogs through the scorching summer.

Although the market potential of pet apparel is huge, but from the current pet apparel industry in China, there are still many problems, it is difficult to compete with foreign pet clothing brands. Current Domestic Pet Clothing Blindly only pursue the appearance of changes, but in the design level, Pet Clothing the quality of surface accessories and related apparel products matching more problems. and related enterprises to establish brand awareness is not strong. If it's not tight, Solid brand awareness, improve product quality, our products will not be difficult to compete with foreign products, but also difficult to attract foreign buyers favor, thus losing a huge market.

Therefore, China's pet clothing industry can be considered from the following aspects to strengthen and improve:

1. Change the design focus. In the design, we must first consider the comfort of the dog, followed by the people's aesthetic and preferences.

2. Improve product quality. Pet clothing consumption will be more and more exquisite taste, China's pet owners are also constantly upgrading requirements. Pet owners are no longer willing to spend money if the product just stay At the level of street stalls, consumers will be difficult to catch.

3. Dress classification standardization. In addition to the simple size of the clothing to a small, whether the model can be more detailed. It is best to design the different types of dogs to facilitate the selection of customers.

4. More professional designers. To design a more practical and more humane pet dog clothing, Pet Clothing the designer is required to systematically study the dog, so that the product not only has the external beauty to attract the pet The owner of the thing makes the dog feel more comfortable.

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