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The Belt Embodies The Extraordinary Masculinity
Oct 26, 2017

The belt in the texture above the exhibition show different clothing taste, dew is also a very intentional machine details processing. Dew will let the body ratio truncated to produce uncoordinated conditions! But also can't hide it, courage to show it, because it is really a foil to wear an important role!

The width of the belt is in principle according to the size of the fart, but no matter which collocation style, the width of about 3 centimeters can be suitable for all kinds of buttocks. Leash As for less than 3 centimeters of style, it can reduce the negative effect of cutting off people.

The belt is the most suitable to emphasize the crotch only a little bit of accessories. In principle, as long as the design is exaggerated enough, such as Snake, crocodile, 2 cm width or rare (and more ladies) red is very suitable for here, but to the most focused, or not bright logo skin to take the lead.

Men's stature is generally "inverted triangle" type, this characteristic determines the man's waist attracts many eyes, so the waist adornment becomes essential, Leash this adornment ancient times is called belt, now is called Belt. Often behave steady, personable man, always in the waist this detail deliberately to decorate a turn. Leash The embossing and texture of the belt can make the man look more sedate and able, the same manner of the man with extraordinary temperament a suitable belt, will let a person feel the belt and the person seamless, complement each other.

Bold denim belts, leather belts, all embody extraordinary masculinity. Men's waist between the abrasive belt, let a person in the rough, unconstrained, experience the fine beauty; patent leather crack crocodile stripes, Leash so that men in the show elegant, but also have memorable lingering charm.

Belts for women, is dispensable, for women, more need is a belt, but for men, if there is no belt, it is hard to imagine. For a slightly fastidious man, only a belt is also very rare, it is said that a man needs 8 shirts, 6 ties, 4 belts. Perhaps one day, the belt and tie will become a man's patented product. Leash At that time it will represent men's identity, taste and personality.

The change of belt current, to a large extent, is done by hook Buckle. Hook buckle shape, size, style also show the charm of men.

1, Gold hook buckle, display noble, copper hook buckle, Leash show the man's calm and strength;

2, the wide "back" form buckle, fully revealed the Manly fortitude;

3, oval buckle shows the maturity of the man;

Classic men sedate, calm, implicit, while the classic belt concise, elegant, tough. For example, the classic black Belt and silver ring buckle combination, Leash very easy to show the man concise and clear color.

A man of romantic temperament always attracts the attention of many women. However, a man's romance can be different from a woman's emotional ups and downs, he is more silent and subtle. As a result, men's belts are not as rich as women, but at a glance. The change of a man's belt is always subtly passing through.

Throughout history, waist is the focus of attention, expected this and the waist soft sexy physiological significance, however, the woman's waist look is enchanting, is amorous feelings, Leash the man's waist is reflected in the grade. From ancient times with hanging pendant, sachet development to today, men's waist grade, only need a simple and Hale belt is enough.

The quality of life lies in the details, Leash the details determine success or failure. Men's taste, is a kind of life attitude, but also a kind of intangible wisdom and wealth.

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