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The Belt Is Installed With A Fixed Type Discharge
Jun 06, 2017

Belt to use the process to pay attention to what matters

1, transport tape running speed is greater than 2.5 m / s, large block, large wear and tear of the material should be fixed-type discharge installation, Leash should try to use low-speed.

2, the conveyor drive drum radius and the relationship between the belt buckle cloth, drive roller, to the roller matching and the requirements of the bracket angle should be in accordance with the provisions of the conveyor design, fair election.

3, the feeding position should be consistent with the operating mode of the tape, Leash in order to reduce the impact of the material when the impact of the tape should be cited chute, reduce the material drop gap; tape by the material should be shortened idler spacing and reference buffer roller, Material, with the side should be quoted soft and the amount of the file board, so as not to file plate too hard, scratch the belt buckle with the surface.

4, the belt in the handling and storage, should be kept clean, exempt from direct sunlight or rain and snow leaching, embankment and acid and alkali oil organic flux and other objects in contact, Leash and the difference between the installation of fever 1 meter.

5, the storage tank temperature should keep -18-40 degrees during which, compared to humidity should be maintained at 50-80% during which.

6, storage time, the goods must be placed in volume, not on the fold, the time should be placed every quarter of the turn.

7, not the same species, the number of layers of belt buckle should be connected in one case, the joint is best to use glue method.

8, the type of belt buckle, structure, the number of layers should be used in accordance with the premise of choice.

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