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The Characteristics Of The Belt
Aug 08, 2017

Belt, refers to the leather belt. At present the international community to promote environmental protection, so the most popular PU belt, leather belt market less and less. Leash China is the world's largest belt exporter. Exports to the EU and the United States of the belt must meet the stringent environmental non-toxic standards. The current popular leather belt for the gradual and gradual pattern, and a wide, a narrow, wide place up to 12 cm, a shiny metal decoration, color diversification, such as red, lake blue, Wei purple, Goose yellow, milky white and so on.

1. Belt is the belt, decoration, a trend, a fashion, contemporary fashion called people called cool, that is a cool belt.

2. Another use of the belt is used in the watch industry. In addition to steel, ceramic strap, the watch is also an important part of the belt. Leash Belt is generally used in leisure and leisure watches, according to the material points are divided into leather strap and artificial belt.

The characteristics of the belt

1, the first layer of leather belt

Advantages: as a natural skin, is the best choice, you can produce a variety of styles and styles, its toughness is good, significant Zhuo high-grade, strong and strong.

Disadvantages: first expensive, easy to use after use (easy to bend slightly in the middle of the belt), will be slightly leg color, repeatedly after the water will become hard and then broken (all the real leather belt can not be washed or long-term soaking).

2, two layers of leather belt

Advantages: as a leather belt, the price is slightly lower (but depends on the brand value of friends), the general production of leisure belt-based, Leash but also to show its high quality, toughness slightly less than the first layer of skin.

Disadvantages: If only finishing does not deal with smooth, easy leg color, if the surface is not smooth, absolutely can not be used in light-colored clothing.

3, PU belt and recycled leather

(Leather leather belt), generally 2-3 layers of composite (conventional middle layer of recycled leather)

Advantages: the biggest advantage is the low price, Leash colorful and diverse style, the proliferation of style (in China's main origin for Zhejiang, Zhejiang and Yiwu).

Disadvantages: toughness is very poor, generally only use 2-3 months or so.

The main origin of the belt: the main origin of the belt in the Pearl River Delta and Zhejiang-based, of course, other regions of the country is also relatively large, such as Changshu City, Zhangjiagang City is also relatively more, relatively speaking, the Pearl River Delta high-grade leather belt more , And Hong Kong and Taiwan enterprises to produce high-grade belts accounted for the vast majority of Zhejiang artificial leather and the second floor belt majority.

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