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The Harness Becomes The Classic Equipment Of The Western Cowboy
Jul 04, 2017

The harness is essential for every cowboy's classic lasso equipment. It is divided into relatively simple straws and more sophisticated leather or other animal skin made of two kinds of harness. As a real cowboy, whether skilled use of harness, and to measure whether he has superb horse art, Harness hundreds of wear Yang marksmanship has the same important position. For cowboy employees who are mainly engaged in cattle and cattle activities, the proficiency of harnesses is often a key assessment of whether they can be hired by cattle owners or pastors.

The harness is usually wrapped around the back of the saddle with a cowboy or tied to the saddle in front of the thigh of the horse. Once you need it, Harness you can remove it immediately. The use of the harness is: one wrapped around the sturdy saddle head, the other end is a cloak, can be used to cover the cowboy chasing cattle or other livestock neck or legs. In addition, the harness has many unique features, such as it will be used to transport the carriage on a steep hillside, consignment of logs, the corner of the animal or feet to trap it from the mud or cave in the trap Come out and so on. It is said that the cowboy can use the harness to engage in hundreds of "normal" and "non-industry", its use is difficult to measure. Cowboy commonly used harness uniforms rebellious cattle. Harness When the cattle group explode, the cowboy must ride the horse at the fastest speed to catch up with the lead of the cow, quickly and accurately throw a horse with its head and neck or legs, pull it to the ground to uniform, so as to prevent the crazy cattle Group continued to rush. This is a dangerous and frightening job, it is a real cowboy hero must housekeeping skills. The Springwatch Conference is the most spectacular season for cowboys to showcase their superb skills, Harness and their significance can be comparable to that of the medieval knights and the Spanish bullfighting. Superb harness use skills fully embodies the Western cowboy heroic spirit and wisdom and courage. The harness has also become one of the important symbols of the western cowboy's classic equipment and cowboy image.

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