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The Horse Fixture Should Be Cleaned Regularly
Jul 14, 2017

What is the horse with

Horse equipment commonly known as horses

A complete set of harness should include saddle pads, saddles, girth, stirrups, Sule, armature, bridle, bridle, etc. Among them, the saddle is equipped with girth and stirrups. Girth's role is to fasten the saddle on horseback. Well known Stirrup

The stirrup believes that it is not explained that everyone knows, just to keep the rider stable and balanced on horseback. A standard stirrup of the appropriate size should be slightly wider than the boot, Harness so that the riding boots can be easily set.

Often overlooked sweat drawers

The sweat drawer is not very ordinary, but its role can not be underestimated. The use of sweat drawers can absorb the sweat of horses.

In the course of riding the horse will produce a lot of sweat, resulting in sweat drawer moisture, sweat soaked by sweat drawer also more tolerant of bacteria, Harness so for the health of horses, after each exercise will need to wash the sweat drawer or dry treatment.

The head of a horse

The Sule is used for the control or traction of horses in the course of riding, with the armature and the bridle set on the horse's head.

Easily confused with water is the bridle, because it is also set on the horse's head. Harness But the bridle is mainly used to hold horses, horse, or stationary to tie a horse to a place.

There are many kinds of horses, and the above are mainly used in the course of riding. Horses, such as leggings and clothing, are used primarily for the care of horses.

The protection of the horse

Saddle material is generally leather, should be cleaned regularly, keep leather soft and durable. It is also convenient to check the leather bend there is no fracture marks, Harness buckle has no deformation, etc. The armature and stirrup generally use stainless steel material, so they need to be oiled regularly to avoid rusting and to affect the flexible state of their activities. The weak point of the Sule is the suture line, which finds that any attack or buckle damage on the water on any spot in the area should be repaired immediately.

The use of the horse is in addition to the safety of the rider itself and the safety of the horse, so be sure to take care of it in time. The price of the horse is generally also relatively high, for the sake of safety, do not buy a quality problem for the sake of the cheap.

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