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The Horse Has A Lot Of Kind
Aug 08, 2017

The harness is the necessary item for riding. As the harness of the production process and technical requirements are higher, and some even by hand, so the harness is very expensive. The most basic harness is the saddle and its attached belly, stirrup and water. The horses have different kinds and are suitable for different uses. For example, the western saddle in the structure to be able to adapt to the hard cowboy life; Harness dress saddle saddle length and vertical; racing saddle is relatively small. and many more. Due to different uses, the size of the different shapes. Good harnesses must be suitable for horse and rider. Suitable for the purpose, and to protect well. keep clean. Inappropriate horses will make the horse feel uncomfortable. Even cause local pain or injury. Therefore, Harness in the purchase of harness need to ask the professional guidance to ensure that saddlery and horse body suitable.

The choice of harness

Harness is necessary, but also a larger investment. The horses have different types, suitable for different riding and different horses. Here only the general riding and training required for the harness, according to the specific use or need to choose the horse for your horse. Harness The good harness must be suitable for the specific horse and rider, fit the desired purpose, and keep it clean and the leather is soft. If the harness is not suitable or the leather becomes dry and hard, the horse and the rider are unfavorable, Harness can cause horse pain or injury. The most basic horse with saddle and attached belly, stirrup, stirrup and water and so on.

Metal products: mainly street iron and stirrup, should choose the quality is better. Stainless steel is best, the plating is not very good, because the surface of the plating layer is easy to fall off, select the armature by measuring the length of the armature, that is, between the width of the two rings, Harness select your horse's armature.

Leather products: good harness made of the best leather, so very expensive. But you can buy second-hand goods, if you buy second-hand goods, pay attention to suture needle without cracks; leather is soft and not hard; saddle no broken and so on.

The structure of the saddle

Saddle type more but its structure is similar

The size and width of the saddle saddle is the basis of the saddle, the saddle width and size determine the saddle width and size. The size of the saddle is measured before the saddle bridge to the rear saddle (saddle after the bow) length, the standard size is 38-45.7 cm. Harness The lower and rearward saddle of the front saddle bridge is the length of the center point of the metal saddle on the side of the saddle bridge.

The width of the saddle is generally three, that is narrow, medium width, wide. The width of the saddle must match the width of the horse's back. When you choose according to your needs the length and width of your horse's saddle.

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