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The Importance Of Pet Clothing
Aug 08, 2017

In Europe and the United States and Japan, to pet pet clothing clothing has become a fashion. While the domestic part of the owner there are days of cold dogs need to dress, hot days do not need the idea. Let's see why we should give the dog a dress!

1 you are a taste and love of fashion people, to the dog with your dress to match the pet clothing, better reflect the master's taste and the dog's love.

2 dog's skin is more sensitive, the summer cut short hair, the dog's skin is more easily sunburned or stabbed, the appropriate baby to wear breathable good summer, can help the dog to protect the skin, and Dogs do not feel hot.

3 summer home for a long time to open the air conditioning, Pet Clothing the floor is very cold, to avoid the dog cool to the stomach and appear diarrhea or cold cold.

4 you want the dog's hairiness is better, for the dog shaved hair, you need to put the dog to the material comfortable pet clothing.

5 dogs in the park or when playing on the grass, Pet Clothing will be stained with a lot of grass and debris, to the dog to wear clothes can avoid stained with these things.

6 dogs sometimes drool, to the dog to wear pet clothing, you can avoid the dog's saliva flow to it, dirty hairy.

7 is the last cold weather, in the winter for the dog to wear pet clothing, that is beautiful and warm.

In the purchase of clothing for their families, Pet Clothing you are not also want to prepare for their own baby pet pet clothing? In fact, the production of pet clothing and the production of ordinary clothing is not much difference, the most important thing is to have accurate size.

From the pet's point of view, their "measurements" should include: neck circumference, chest and length.

Neck circumference

The so-called neck circumference, that is, your baby's neck circumference, in other words is usually wearing a collar position of the circumference, this position is a clothing collar position, collar can not be too hypertrophy, not too narrow, generally Measure the release of a centimeter!


In the end where they are considered the bust of the pet? Specifically refers to their front legs at the widest place around the circumference, usually, here will be the pet body the most fat place, Pet Clothing because this place hair thick Meat, so the accuracy of measurement is difficult to grasp, the general measurement of at least two to three centimeters.


The length here refers not to their entire length, but from their neck to the tail of the length of the root, it is important to note that in the measurement of the length of time, be sure to let your pet straight, the body fully unfolded, do not Tummy or lying, Pet Clothing if this will greatly reduce the accuracy of the measurement scale.

The above three parts only make the most basic measurement of pet clothing parts, if you need to produce more refined clothing, it is best to measure their legs long, the distance between the front legs, lower body length (male dog can be slightly shorter Long) and so on. Some special dogs also need specific parts of the specific measurement, for example: some dogs due to excessive nutrition and the formation of a beer belly, Pet Clothing then in its clothing production process in the size of the abdomen circle will release some, which can greatly enhance the measurement Accuracy.

After all the measurements can begin to produce, you can own hands yourself, you can also give a professional pet fashion design production staff, to produce a beautiful and fit the clothing!

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