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The Pet Clothing Has The Spring And Autumn Seasons
Jul 14, 2017

According to the use: Pet supplies According to the material: pet clothing According to the style of the season: Summer and winter dress according to the style: reference clothing according to the style of the sex: male female dress

Winter has arrived, in the rush to add clothes to their own warmth, but also forget to give pet dogs to keep warm. Although you can buy all kinds of pet clothes from the pet store, it is more warm for the owner to do something for his dog. So how do you make clothes for your pet dog?

1. For a dog, its character is definitely a factor that must be taken into consideration before designing a style. Like VIP, Chihuahua, Beijing, such as the lively character of the dog should be used straight cylindrical design, pinch pleats, lace, pinch waist will allow the activities are limited, of course, according to the gender, Pet Clothing in the design of the style should also consider whether to open the crotch.

2. The size of the following parts is required to tailor the dog: the distance between the length (from the back of the neck to the root of the tail), the bust (the lap of the body after the armpit), the collar circumference (a circle around the neck) and the two forelegs, and the exact size of these parts, plus two fingers, is the size of the dog's fitting.

Reminder: Pet Clothing The first choice of materials to warm, wind, soft, the lining must be selected cotton. Winter wind, cotton, woolen fabrics have wind, the effect of health, but both inside and outside can not use chemical fiber materials, lest because of the air and rash. There is also a point to remember, Pet Clothing pet clothing interface can only use buttons, buckle two, zipper and sticky buttons are absolutely not, to avoid pulling the dog's hair. These are details, but the details are often the key to success or failure.

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