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The Pet Cushions Are Suitable For Modern Style Rooms
Jun 06, 2017

Living room with a sofa, in order to enjoy a more comfortable life Many people will buy a pet cushion to protect their waist, but also more comfortable. Pet Cushion Here to see how the sofa pet cushions to buy.

How to choose a pet cushion


Pet cushions fabric can choose plain weave cloth, corduroy, velvet cloth, nylon, linen cloth, brocade, cotton, polyester, etc., and some pet cushions are used old clothes, was surface and other renewable cloth made of scrap; heart available cotton, Sponge, polyester hollow cotton, silk heart, etc .; Pet Cushion technology on the jacquard, printing, inkjet, embroidery and batik and so on. Of course, you can also add your favorite cushions on the pet accessories, such as decorated with ribbons, lace, patterns and so on.


The pattern of pet cushions can be varied, posing, such as animal patterns, fruit patterns or other interesting patterns. Of course, you can also use a single frame or abstract part of the pattern, Pet Cushion or even a separate cloth color, as long as the color can be coordinated with the entire living room environment.


The choice of pet cushions varies with color. Dark pattern of pet cushions elegant, suitable for decorative luxury home. Colorful pet cushions for modern style rooms. Pet Cushion Warm color of the pet cushions, suitable for the elderly to use, cool tone pattern pet cushions for young people to use, cartoon pattern of pet cushions are loved by children.

Pet cushions are home to move the decorative painting, Pet Cushion not only warm and comfortable, but also adjust the color.

Pet cushions everyone has a home, but it can not be easy to use it.

Pet cushions in addition to people can sit more comfortable, but also play a small expert at home.

Selection of pet cushions should mainly be considered from two aspects: First, the color, the second is the material.

In terms of color, you can do with color, that is, with a color in the room echoes, you can mix and match, do jump color.

On the material, there are cotton, linen, wool, fur, Pet Cushion synthetic fiber, the more recommended is cotton and wool fabric, or that sentence, the natural thing is the most beautiful.

Home pet cushion is not the more the better, the number must be placed moderate, not not the United States, is sitting, but also to the ground is really chaos and trouble, do not fall into the "pet cushion monster pile"

The use of color with

And the home echoes a color, this method is the most simple, and most will not make mistakes:

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