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The Standard Of The Belt
Jul 04, 2017

A belt is a mechanical drive that relies on friction to convey motion and power. Its main features are: the belt has a good elasticity, in the work to ease the impact and vibration, smooth and no noise. When the load is too large, the belt slips on the wheel, which can prevent damage to other parts, Leash from the role of security. The belt is an intermediate part. It can be in a certain range according to the need to select the length to adapt to the center from the requirements of the larger working conditions. Simple structure easy to manufacture, easy installation and maintenance, low cost.

The characteristics of the belt

A, the advantages are as follows, as a natural skin, is the best choice, you can produce a variety of styles and styles, its toughness is good, significant Zhuo high, strong and strong;

B, the shortcomings are as follows, the first price is expensive, easy to use after the type (easy to bend slightly in the middle of the belt), will be slightly leg color, Leash repeatedly after the water will become hard after drying and then break (all the real leather belt can not be washed or long-term soaking ). A, the advantages, as a leather belt, the price is slightly lower (but depends on the brand value of friends), the general production of casual belt-based, but also to show its quality and dignity, toughness slightly less than the first layer of skin.

The specifications of the belt are divided by the width of the back width (top width) and the height (thick), according to the different back width (top width) and high (thick) size, the national standard provides the V, O, B, C, D, E and other models, each type of V-band width, roof width, Leash height are not the same, so the pulley also must be based on the shape of the V-belt to produce a variety of trough; these different Groove type to determine the pulley O-belt pulley, A-type pulley, B-type pulley, C-belt pulley, D-pulley, E-pulley and other models.

The national standard specifies the type of belt, O, A, B, C, D, E, F seven models, the corresponding belt wheel groove angle has three 34 °, 36 °, 38 °, also provides for each type of V-belt The minimum diameter of the small pulley corresponding to the angle of each wheel, the large pulley is not specified. The groove angle of the pulley is divided into 32 degrees, 34 degrees, 36 degrees and 38 degrees. Leash The specific selection is based on the groove type and the reference diameter of the pulley. The groove angle of the pulley is related to the diameter of the pulley. The groove angle of the different type pulley is different The recommended pulley groove angle in the diameter range is as follows: O-type pulley is 34 degrees in the pulley diameter range of 50mm to 71mm; 36 degrees at 71mm ~ 90mm, 38 degrees at> 90mm; Type A pulley on pulley The diameter of the range of 71mm ~ 100mm when the 34 degrees, 100mm ~ 125mm when the 36 degrees;> 125mm when the 38 degrees; B-type pulley in the pulley diameter range of 125mm ~ 160mm when 34 degrees; 160mm ~ 200mm when 36 degrees 200 degrees when the 200mm; 38-degree; C-type pulley in the pulley diameter range of 200mm ~ 250mm when the 34 degrees, 250mm ~ 315mm when the 36 degrees,> 315mm when the 38 degrees; D-type pulley in the pulley diameter range of 355mm 40 degrees to 450 mm, 38 degrees for 450 mm, 36 degrees for E 500 mm to 630 mm, 38 degrees for 630 mm

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